Lino Arci's Awards

Lino Arci is a renowned Toronto and Vaughan real estate agent, not only nationwide in Canada but also in the international arena. As one of North America's top REALTORS®, Lino has and continues to accumulate numerous awards, honours, and distinctions that all serve as a testament to his ongoing storied career and outstanding professional character. His renowned success and distinguished accomplishments have become almost the stuff of legend and certainly something to aspire to in the real estate industry and beyond.

Real Estate Awards & Achievements

Despite being part of a massive network of more than 100,000 real estate agents spanning over 90 countries, Lino has earned numerous real estate awards and managed to distinguish himself from his peers at RE/MAX International with his achievements. 

Lino's Awards Include:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Hall of Fame Award
  • Diamond Club Award
  • Chairman Club Award
  • Platinum Club Award

Lino's Other Achievements Include:

  • Ranked in TOP 100 Re/Max Teams in Canada 
  • Ranked #1 Team in Vaughan for number of homes SOLD    
  • Sold over 4000 homes (and counting)
  • Continues to sell an average of 200 homes every year

Sharing the Success

Lino is a true leader in the industry who not only enjoys the fruits of his success, but also endeavors to share it with others who are just as hungry. With a career spanning over 30 years, Lino is also a distinguished speaker and entrepreneurial coach, having taught hundreds of people the secrets to professional success and with the numbers to prove it.