October 2015

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It is imperative to find out all of the details before you buy. Everything from choosing an area, to developing your budget, to post purchase costs are important.

Shopping For an Area

I remember shopping for my home and thinking where do I start? I realized that I needed to narrow down an area that I liked. I wanted easy access to the highway. Life as a real estate agent requires a lot of travel time all over the city. I also wanted my family to be comfortable, so being close to local schools was important. Our communities section of our http://www.linoarciteam.com/communities.php site will give you an inside look into a number of different communities in areas all over the city.

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Buying your first home is arguably the most important financial decision you and your family will ever make.
Even before starting your real estate search, you, as a home buyer should outline affordability.

What Can You Buy on Your Budget?

Your income and savings play a pivotal factor in your down payment of your first home. The Average detached home in Vaughan and Woodbridge is approximately $500,000, a 20% down payment is $100,000. That takes a savvy saver to get there, but there is hope.

A 5% Down Payment Everyone wants to put down that 20% down payment but with house prices on the rise it can be difficult. The good news is you do not have to put
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