November 2015

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Are You Thinking About Selling Your Home?

There is no doubt that selling your home can be a stress filled time. Thinking about packing up all of your stuff, finding a new school for the children, leaving the familiarity of your street are all concerns that can cause families to stress about moving. Coming up with a moving strategy is an effective way to stay organized and on track.

Embrace the Stress, Manage the Stress

Moving will be stressful so go into the moving process realizing that life will be ab-normal. Embrace the change in your life and try to keep upbeat in the move process. You are about to embark on a new journey into a new home, remember, to make good memories and take everything in stride. Create to-do

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What Do Home Buyers Look For?

Selling a home is a foreign process to most. The quirky nuisances in your home that you have become used to can be major turnoffs to prospective buyers. Identifying what buyers look for in their future home are important steps in the home selling process.


The Power of Appearance

Cleanliness is key. Buyers want to walk into their dream home and feel a like they never want to leave. Removing the clutter and shinning up the appliances can make prospective buyers feel like the house like "the house will always look perfect". Allow every space to feel like a huge space, remove those items that can cramp up the room and always remember to ensure your house smells the part as well.

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