February 2017

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When it comes time to sell your home, our team approach sells homes on average, for more money and in less time.  Watch the video to learn our step by step system that reveals what happens from listing to sale.

You will learn more about our award winning real estate sales systems that give you:

  • Tips and strategies on what to do and as important, what not to do, when selling your home in order to get top dollar in your time frame
  • Our custom advertising and marketing plan for your home that include:  ads, sales sheets and multiple web-postings
  • Access to OVER $20,000 in advertising strategies that only a very small percentage of real estate agents across the country have rights to use, including our team.  We are known as the top real estate
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When it comes time to sell your home, here is who chooses our team and why.  As you review this video, you will learn that you would be in good company by choosing our team.

Watch to see who's choosing our team when it comes time to sell their home.


  • The benefits of a team system vs. working with an agent who operates all by themselves
  • How a superior and sophisticated home selling system and cutting edge technologies sell homes faster and for more money
  • How our system of prequalifying buyers can save you time and hassle when your home is shown
  • How hiring an expert to market and sell your biggest financial investment is the smart choice
  • How to get your home sold right, the first time.  Don’t let months go by with your home
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When it comes time to sell your home, you want to sell for the most amount of money and in less time.  Many home owners simply assume that their home will sell especially in good economic times and in hot markets.

BUT...the odds of the typical real estate agent getting your home sold is not very good.

Find out why 72% of home owners would never go back to do business with the same real estate agent again.

Find out how you too can Guarantee the Cash Sale of Your Home. Don’t be a victim of the "Real Estate Catch 22" when selling your Vaughan and Toronto area home. It's an extremely anxious position to find yourself in. This financial and emotional tightrope is one you usually have to walk alone because most agents have no way of helping you

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These mistakes can cost you thousands when selling your Vaughan home. 

Do you know them?

You will discover the TOP 4 MISTAKES TO AVOID when selling your home.  Your home is likely your biggest asset and when it comes to time to sell, you will want to guarantee your success.

Watch to learn more about the TOP 4 MISTAKES and how you can avoid them.

When it’s time to sell your home, who will you choose: 

1) An agent who sells a few homes a year OR

2) An agent with a team that sell several hundred? 

Not all real estate agents are created equal.  It does matter who you choose to sell your home.  Discover how with our EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEED SALES program, we take all the risk. You knowyour home is guaranteed to sell at your price and in your

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