April 2019

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Are you searching for your perfect family home in Vaughan? If you’re like most buyers, you probably have a pretty long list of "must-haves." Chance are, proximity to great schools is one of them. Fortunately, this city has no shortage of learning institutions where your little ones can get a top-notch education. With a bit of consideration and some guidance from the right real estate agent, you can ensure that your next home is close to the one that’s ideal for your family.

Without further ado, here are five impressive Vaughan schools that every parent should know about...

1) Michael Cranny Public School

 Without a doubt, Michael Cranny Public School is one of the best learning environments in Vaughan. This Maple elementary school receives an

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Few feelings compare to the one you get when you find the house of your dreams. It’s the moment when the time you’ve spent pouring over listings and attending home viewings finally starts to pay off. While you’re certainly entitled to celebrate at this stage, remember that you don’t own your ideal property just yet. Now is the time to secure your new home by impressing the seller with a truly irresistible offer.

If you’re planning to put in an offer on a property in the near future, here are a few tips for making sure it stands out...

Get pre-approved

Chances are, you’ll need to obtain financing before you can make your home purchase. We suggest starting the process early on by obtaining a pre-approval letter—and including it in your

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