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One of the most important winter safety tips is to keep yourself warm. Provided you have an indoor location to retreat to, it is fairly simple to maintain a safe body temperature even in the cold weather. Adding touches of extra warmth and coziness to your home to combat the dipping temperatures outside is a must. Some changes are small, and some require a bit more effort, but it’s worth the investment. After all, cozy never goes out of season.

Here are Few Things You Should Consider To Cozy-Up Your Home:

#1 - Invest in a Portable Fireplace

Warm-up fall and winter days with a cozy fireplace that everyone can enjoy. What could be better than getting comfortable after a long day in front of a warming fire? Fireplace options don't stop…

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To obtain a "wow" factor when decorating your home, you must have something that is unexpected. Many homes have similar items, such as beige walls, furniture in a neutral color, and wall to wall carpeting. Create that “wow” factor by accentuating a spectacular natural feature in the room like oversized windows or a fireplace and adding something unexpected like a contrasting fabric, a touch of eye-catching color, or an oversized work of art.

When you want to add those special touches that can make your home a showstopper, follow these 5 basic decorating tips to make your home stand out from the crowd:

1. Introduce Boldness

Many of today's homes feature a neutral color palette of soft grays, whites and beiges. A bold, bright and eye-catching…

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Condo Living represents convenience, security, and comfort. It is the most convenient and luxurious type of living that gives numerous reasons a house will not be able to offer. It’s no surprise that the condo market in Vaughan is not slowing down. It might be time to consider the next phase of your living situation and we think the condo lifestyle has a lot to offer. 

#1 - Live in The Hottest Locations

Living in a condo usually means living near the best places. As soon as a condominium is built, a neighborhood café, restaurant, and pub are usually set up within its vicinity. The best kind of places are the local and independently owned one-of-a-kind shops that give a community its unique flair and personality. 

If you live in Vaughan,…

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