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Let's spread amazing joy throughout the neighbourhood with holiday lights this year! It’s beginning to look a lot…different than holidays of the past. But if there’s one tradition that can brighten a socially distanced celebration, it’s decorating a house with lights. Even the smallest display can go far in lifting spirits and in lighting up this holiday!

To help 2020 end on a lighter note, Here are top design tips for decorating this holiday season.

#1 - Don't forget to decorate your backyard

You don't only have to show love to the front porch! Bring the cozy vibes to the backyard with plenty of cushions and plush throws around a fire pit. Then hang cafe string lights. This look is stylish and understated enough to keep up throughout the…

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5 Things To Do This Winter In Vaughan - Covid Safe


Winter Things To Do In Vaughan Vaughan is not only a beautiful place to live in the Spring and Summer, but it is also a bustling community during the Winter months with activities for the whole family. 

It is always good to know what activities are available for you and your family during the Winter season, especially during these unprecedented times impacted with special regulations in the midst of a pandemic.

So what can you do in Vaughan during this winter holiday season? Here are 5 ideas that you may enjoy!


#1 The Holiday Nights of Lights - Holiday Lights Spectacular Event. 

Every year during the Christmas Season, Vaughan has some gorgeous light displays on private homes and buildings around the city and…

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One of the most important winter safety tips is to keep yourself warm. Provided you have an indoor location to retreat to, it is fairly simple to maintain a safe body temperature even in the cold weather. Adding touches of extra warmth and coziness to your home to combat the dipping temperatures outside is a must. Some changes are small, and some require a bit more effort, but it’s worth the investment. After all, cozy never goes out of season.

Here are Few Things You Should Consider To Cozy-Up Your Home:

#1 - Invest in a Portable Fireplace

Warm-up fall and winter days with a cozy fireplace that everyone can enjoy. What could be better than getting comfortable after a long day in front of a warming fire? Fireplace options don't stop…

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To obtain a "wow" factor when decorating your home, you must have something that is unexpected. Many homes have similar items, such as beige walls, furniture in a neutral color, and wall to wall carpeting. Create that “wow” factor by accentuating a spectacular natural feature in the room like oversized windows or a fireplace and adding something unexpected like a contrasting fabric, a touch of eye-catching color, or an oversized work of art.

When you want to add those special touches that can make your home a showstopper, follow these 5 basic decorating tips to make your home stand out from the crowd:

1. Introduce Boldness

Many of today's homes feature a neutral color palette of soft grays, whites and beiges. A bold, bright and eye-catching…

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Condo Living represents convenience, security, and comfort. It is the most convenient and luxurious type of living that gives numerous reasons a house will not be able to offer. It’s no surprise that the condo market in Vaughan is not slowing down. It might be time to consider the next phase of your living situation and we think the condo lifestyle has a lot to offer. 

#1 - Live in The Hottest Locations

Living in a condo usually means living near the best places. As soon as a condominium is built, a neighborhood café, restaurant, and pub are usually set up within its vicinity. The best kind of places are the local and independently owned one-of-a-kind shops that give a community its unique flair and personality. 

If you live in Vaughan,…

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It takes a lot of work to make your house the perfect balance of scary yet stylish. Whether you keep the spooky decor to a minimum or give your home a complete Halloween makeover, these easy Halloween decorations will give you plenty of options to fit all your Halloween needs. These tips will help you make your house extra fun and spooky this year.

#1 - Make Use Of What You Have 

Get crafty. You can repurpose old wood pallets to make a scary graveyard or empty cans to make lanterns. Check out your scrap bins for miscellaneous materials that would make cool decor this Halloween.

#2 - Get Crafty With Your Home

Window Eyes:

A favorite cute and easy decoration idea for parties or trick-or-treaters is to have ghosts floating about. You can…

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"You don't have to spend a fortune renovating or redecorating your entire property, it's as simple as adding the right accessories. Don't underestimate the importance of finishing touches.”

It doesn’t matter if your property is for yourself or an investment to sell on, today the internet has taken out a lot of the leg-work of finding the look you want to achieve, you can now create your own mood boards from the comfort of your home!  Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can purchase everything off the internet, or if you want to get a feel of the textures and quality of furnishings you can wander around stores and suppliers for inspiration.

#1 - Choose an Accent Colour & Utilise it throughout your home

Choose a colour to…

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Striving to nourish your body with natural, local, and ethically responsible products? Explore a healthy lifestyle with natural organic food, produce, grocery, gluten-free, vitamins, supplements, vegan raw food, natural makeup, and skincare in your local area! These aren't just some of the best places to buy healthy food, they're some of the best places to shop in Vaughan.

Here are the best organic stores in Vaughan:

#1 - Nature’s Emporium


Your Neighbourhood Health Food Market! Established in 1993, with the goal of introducing and supporting a healthy lifestyle based on natural and organic foods in our community. The Largest Gluten-Free selection in the York Region with lots from local farmers.




Features you will…

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The Best Vaughan Golf Courses And Golf Homes For Sale

In search of homes for sale on golf courses in Ontario? Well then consider looking in the city of Vaughan, located in the Greater Toronto Area and a short distance northwest of Toronto proper.

This fantastic area has many attractions and a wide mix of property types, as well as some of the best golf course communities in Ontario. While there aren't any clubs that fully integrate golf courses with residential options, you can still find many communities that are close enough to golf courses that you can be within a stone's throw of the clubhouse, or enjoy a beautiful fairway view. 

So, if you're looking for golf course real estate in Ontario, then take a look at these golf courses in and around Vaughan.   

- Remember that the golf season…

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Regularly disinfect your home's highest-traffic areas. Research shows that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours. So, Let’s make it a priority to clean these areas regularly, and correctly. Here are the five areas to which you should pay special attention over the coming weeks and beyond.

#1. - The Kitchen

Your kitchen appliances, utensils, and surfaces including cutting boards, coffee makers, stovetops, refrigerators, countertops, and sink come in regular contact with uncooked and unwashed food, so they're inhabited by bacteria. Research has found that areas, where food is stored or prepared, have more bacteria and fecal matter than any other place in the home, including the bathroom.

#2. - The Bathroom

It's obvious, but…

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