Buyers Advantage Program

Selling Your Home

How Do You Sign Up?

  • Give us your search criteria so we can set you up on the Home Hunters Service,
  • Call us 416-571-2724 to schedule a time to meet with one of our team members to officially join our Buyers Advantage Program
  • Notify us of any home that you want to see and that we will show it to you as quickly as possible
  • Allow us to prepare, present and negotiate any offer you want on any home you'd like and we will use our skills and experience to work to get you the best possible price, terms and conditions on the home. This includes new construction homes, FSBO and any home you find either on your own or through us.
  • Inform all other agents, builders and home sellers that you are working with The Lino Arci Team if you should come in contact with them without us being there.
  • Get pre approved with our lender or another lender prior to viewing homes.

Cancellation Guarantee

You have the right to cancel this agreement, without penalty at any time up to the time we present an offer on your behalf to a potential seller. Should you want to cancel, you agree to do so in writing with 72 hours notice and deliver it to your representative from The Lino Arci Team. You also agree to let us remedy the situation. If we can’t, you will be released from our agreement.

WARNING:  Don't even think about buying a home until you've read about our New BUYER'S ADVANTAGE PROGRAM!

Selling Your Home

When working with clients, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and getting you the best possible price, terms and conditions when you buy a home. To do this, we've created our Buyers Advantage Program to ensure that you get the most house for the least amount of money.

By enrolling in the Buyers Advantage Program, you will receive the four advantages listed below as well as a variety of proprietary consumer programs and services. In order to take advantage of our Exclusive program, call us today to meet with one of our associates.

Love It or Leave It Guarantee

Selling Your Home

When you buy a home using a buyer specialist from The Lino Arci Team to represent you, if for any reason under the sun, you are not happy, we will sell the home you purchased for free or we will give you a CASH OFFER to buy your home back. (Of course you must sign our Buyers Advantage Program contract prior to buying a home with our team and buy your new home using The Lino Arci Team as your buyers agent.)

During the first 12 months after your closing, if you are dissatisfied with your new home purchase for any reason at all, you simply let us know and you get our incredible home selling system at no charge from us. We will list your home until it sells. During this period, any commissions paid on the sale of the home will be paid directly to the agent that brings the buyer for your home and not to us.

FREE Enrollment Into Our Raving Fan Club

Selling Your Home

When you enroll in the Buyers Advantage Program, you become a client of ours for life. We want you to be as happy about your home years from now as you were on the day you moved in. To accomplish that, we have established the Raving Fan Club, which gives you access to discounted rates from the vendors we work with (for repairs or renovations), access to our office copier, fax, notary service, meeting or conference rooms, and a variety of other services to ensure you have the best possible experience in your new home.

Amazing Programs & Services

Selling Your Home

  • 1. Home Hunter Service: Our Home Hunter Service gives you a backstage pass to the MLS, as if you were an agent. You will have the ability to see all the homes for sale based on your own search criteria and more importantly, get to act on them before other agents even show them to other buyers. This service puts you in position to act quickly on some of the best deals in the market.
  • 2. Distressed Sellers Program: Get access to motivated sellers who are looking to sell their homes because they are in foreclosure, an absentee owner, have had their home on the market for more than 6 months or are currently carrying two homes. These homes are great bargains and we can give you pre-market access to them!
  • 3. Strategic Negotiation Experience: Our team sells over 200 homes per year. We use our 50 years of combined real estate experience to get you the best price, terms and conditions on your home purchase. In most cases, we can even get the seller to pay some of your closing costs when you buy your home.
  • 4. Customized Loan Programs: Our in-house mortgage affiliate has the experience to get you a loan program that best meets your financial needs . Our affiliate is an expert in creative financing. He will limit the amount of money you need to bring to closing, get you the best rates and even get you into your home without having to make a payment for the first 60 days that you live there.
  • 5. Cancellation Guarantee: Our Cancellation Guarantee backs all of these services. If you are not completely satisfied with the job we're doing for you, you can cancel your Buyers Advantage Program agreement. This does not void an exclusive Buyer Agency agreement in which a commission shall be due for services performed.


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