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We’re spending more time at home than ever. You may be noticing some things you don’t like. Anyone can get tired of coming home to the same scene every day. Same furniture. Same colors. Same tired, old vibe. Don’t blame your house! Instead, revitalize your space room-by-room by making inexpensive but impactful home improvements.

Remember when you first moved into your house? 

You felt like your home was made just for you: It fit your budget, your goals, and even your personality. In short, you fell in love. But the funny thing about love is, it can change over time. You start to notice squeaky floorboards, experience space shrink, and before you know it, your home’s luster begins to fade. You have fallen out of love. And you know what? It…

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Condo buildings at night in Toronto

Vaughan is a town in the Greater Toronto Area overflowing with high-quality and diverse housing options. From stately single-family homes to affordable and convenient apartments - Vaughan has it all. 

In more recent years, an increasing number of homebuyers are looking for townhouses and condos to break into the Vaughan residential real estate market. Due to this growing popularity, new condo and townhouse developments are appearing all the time in Vaughan, and they're increasingly competing to offer the latest amenities and luxury features. 

Compared to most suburban homes, these developments are also located closer to Vaughan's transport, commercial, and entertainment options, and they make excellent second homes or…

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Entrance gates to a luxury gated community in Canada

Gated residential communities have so much to offer their residents. 

For some, it's the prestige of an exclusive and well-planned community, especially when combined with large luxurious residences and stately manicured grounds. For others, it's the lifestyle features and amenities, from golf courses to pools, to well-appointed community centres. The final reason that many cite for choosing a gated community is the added security, along with the obvious "gated" part, there are other measures like gate-guards, fences, and cameras. 

Here in Canada, gated communities are far less common than they are south of the border. This partly due to reduced concerns over security, taking away one of the primary attractions of these communities,…

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"A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way."

Fathers Day is Fast Approaching! It is a day we’re all dads get to relax and read sweet Father’s Day cards. From teaching you to ride a bike to walking you down the aisle, fathers have a special place in all of our hearts, so be sure to show them how special they are this Father’s day.

Here are five ways to enjoy this Father's Day in Vaughan... 

1) Write a Father’s Day Card 

A simple way to show appreciation and love to your dad is through a letter. Here are some card samples you want to create: What to Write in a Fathers Day Card 

2) Do Something He Loves

Know what hobby or sports your Dad is into. If…

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Coming Soon! NOT ON MLS! If you would like to get the CURRENT price of this home, or for the most up-to-date information on this home, call the listing agent Lino Arci at 416-571-2724 (ARCI).

Welcome To Your Home-Sweet-Home!

Absolutely Stunning Exclusive Property Newly Built 3-Storey Townhouse located in Prime Maple! This Property has great Curb Appeal, incredible Brick, Stone and Stucco Exterior Finish. A 2200 square feet home perfect for Entertaining Family & Friends that has a fantastic Open Concept Design in its Living Space area. 3 Bedrooms + Den, 3 Bathrooms, and a Magnificent Breakfast Bar in Kitchen. It is just a few steps away to schools, parks, grocery, dining,…

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Mother’s Day is coming and since we’re still social distancing, here are 5 things you can do with your mom while you’re at home!


1. Attend a Virtual Class Together

Going on trips is not something we can all do right now, but much like the virtual tours, other online courses, including exercises, cooking lessons, and art workshops, can be taken instead. Find a good yoga YouTube channel to get some meditation in with mom or sign up for one of those art and wine classes and attend, virtually, together.


2. Watch a Movie Together

Chances are, you've spent plenty of time parked in front of the television, so why not do it "alongside" your mom? If you want to go the extra mile, mail her, in advance, a mug and a cozy pair of socks, along…

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To help families in our local community who are struggling to put meals on the table due to Covid-19, Lino Arci would like to introduce


Just submit your name and address and you will receive a FREE PARTY SIZE pizza personally delivered by us to you on Friday night between 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

All compliments of Lino Arci.


All pizzas are being specially made by Chateau Le Jardin Special Event Venue.

A BIG THANK YOU to Carlo Parentela & his staff at Chateau Le Jardin who are working on our pizza orders to help spread the love in our community, Vaughan!


Please Connect with us at for special events.

Disclaimer: 1 pizza per household. Maximum 50 pizzas to be…

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Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It Myself*

  • No Need to Leave your Home​
  • No Need For People in your Home
  • Our Covid-19 Seller Protection Plan keeps your family safe while we sell your home.
  • The no-hassle, all cash, fast way to sell your home.
  • You Decide When You Want to Close
  • NO Home Prep, staging or showings.


Many Sellers need to sell their home right now BUT don’t want to risk exposing themselves and their family to the Covid-19 Virus. Our COVID 19 Seller Protection Program solves this dilemma. We are selling homes 100% virtually without any need to enter the home. Because we are a large team and have handled…

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The Lino Arci Team is Proudly Serving Our Community! We are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. We believe it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to mitigate and minimize the spread of the virus. We guarantee that our Realtors serving you have not traveled outside of the country within 14 days of your in-person appointment, and will only serve you if they are feeling well and are showing no symptoms of COVID-19. Our team has adapted to a new Virtual Selling Process during this time of social distancing and isolation.
Our goal is to meet your needs while practicing the recommended health boundaries.

We encourage you to reach out to us for any questions or concerns you may have because we are here for you!

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Many home hunters believe that sellers are only influenced by one thing: cold, hard cash. While it's true that money is usually the deciding factor, buyers should take others into account before they make their bid. Case in point: the offer letter. Writing to a seller provides a personal touch—and it gives you the opportunity to explain your bid if need be.

If you're planning to include a letter with your home offer, here are a few quick tips for crafting one that's compelling...

 Make a connection

 Sellers are human, which means they'd rather make a deal with a person they like than someone they know nothing about. Fortunately, your offer letter provides the perfect opportunity to say something about yourself. If you noticed you have things…

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