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16 Key Systems to Sell Your Home Quickly, for More Money and with Less Hassle

Selling your home can be a stressful and emotional event but as real estate professionals we are here to guide you every step along the way so the home selling experience is both profitable and achievable with less hassle.

The Lino Arci Team have developed our exclusive VIP Seller Benefits System from the many transactions we have successfully completed over the years.

We offer:

  • Superior results – Guaranteed (ask us about our trade up program)
  • A proven team approach where all the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s crossed
  • Exclusive and innovative consumer programs that make the home selling process smoother and less stressful
  • Cutting edge technology that
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Thinking of selling your house?

This is probably a stressful time in your life as you try to remember all of the important details that go along with selling a property. If you feel overwhelmed with decision-making or with the entire process itself, you’re not alone. Thankfully, these five simple steps will keep you on the right track and guide you from the day you decide to sell to the day you hand over the keys.

1. Hire an Agent

The first step you should take on the road to selling your home is to hire a real estate agent. An agent will help you list your house and negotiate for you to ensure you get the best offer for your home. You should ensure that you find a realtor that’s right for you. A realtor should be honest, reliable, and

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Did you know that only about 1% of homes are actually sold through a traditional Open House?  You see, traditional Open Houses are places real estate agents go to on weekends but buyers don't. It's really a waste of time for you because you spend all this time preparing your home to show its best and most likely the only person going to at the house is the agent, watching TV or returning phone calls most likely.  Many Real Estate Agents hold traditional Open Houses to pacify the seller; to show that the agent is doing something and to get buyers, who may come to visit your home, as clients, should they not be interested in a house like yours.

All this happens while you get kicked out of your home for an entire afternoon.

Watch this video on how

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Selling Your House During the Holiday Season May be the RIGHT MOVE to Make!

  1. Buyers who look for a home during the holidays are typically more serious
  2. Fewer houses to choose from means less competition
  3. Since the supply of homes for sale will dramatically increase in January, there will be less demand for your particular home in the New Year! Less demand means less money for you!
  4. Houses “show better” when decorated for the holidays.
  5. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays, so they are more likely to pay your price!
  6. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays than they do during the work week!
  7. January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Since transferees cannot wait until spring to
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Choosing the RIGHT REALTOR to sell your biggest financial asset is of utmost importance. You need to choose a Real Estate Agent who knows the marketplace and has access to information on past and current sales.  This Agent not only has to have this information but understand its implications and how it will affect you and your home sale.  If the Real Estate Agent you choose is not savvy to the marketplace and prices your home incorrectly, either too high or low, it will cost you money and time. 

Watch this video on how the Lino Arci Team can do more to sell your home with their unique marketing approach that combines the latest techniques and most up to date technologies that include the most cutting-edge internet strategies.  This type of marketing

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When you list your home for sale, beware of choosing the wrong REALTOR to sell your home. This can cost you time and money.  You want to hire a Real Estate agent who will promote and market your home to get as many buyers as possible.  More buyers equals more demand, netting you more money.  As well as marketing ability you want to hire a Real Estate agent who knows the marketplace and has specialized knowledge to advice you on the right moves to make when selling your home.

Watch this video on what to look for when hiring a Real Estate Agent to sell your biggest financial investment. 

The Lino Arci Team has unique consumer programs, risk free guarantees and innovative marketing techniques that create demand for your home. Watch this video and find

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Pricing your home correctly is critical to sell your home quickly for more money. Pricing too high or too low can have negative effects on a buyer's interest and ultimately your bottom line.  There are more than just one or two factors that determine the correct asking price.

Watch this video on how to price your home correctly to sell fast and for top dollar in any market condition.

The Lino Arci Team knows the marketplace intimately and has successfully priced many homes that have sold quickly and for more money than similar homes have sold for in the area.  They can provide you with a computerized printout of what homes similar to yours have sold and are selling for.  Together, you can establish the correct asking price. 

Watch the video and

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Appearances do matter, so make them count.  Look critically at your home, inside and out and decide what can be improved.  There are many easy and inexpensive improvements you can make that will help sell your home for the most amount of money and in the least amount of time.

Watch this video that will guide you on what do to and more importantly, what not to do, when preparing your home to sell.

The Lino Arci Team can provide you with third-party objective opinion at no cost or obligation.  It takes an objective eye and experience to know exactly what buyers are looking for.  The Lino Arci Team are ready and able to discuss with you what can be done to make your home more marketable and sell fast and for top dollar.

Watch the video and start

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When you put your home up for sale, to get the highest price possible, in the shortest period of time, it's important to understand why you are selling your home.  If you need to sell your home quickly vs. a longer period of marketing, then the approach needed to sell your home will be different.

Some questions you need to ask are:

- Why do you want or need to sell your home?

- Do you need a quick sale or can you afford a longer period of marketing?

- Are you willing to do any small home improvements?

- What criteria are you using to interview Real Estate Agents?

Watch this video on the questions you need to ask and the answers to them. The Lino Arci Team have a proven track record to sell homes fast and for top dollar.  They are

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