Our Buying and Selling Guarantees 

Whether you’re purchasing a home or putting one on the market, the stakes are high. We know the process can be stressful. That’s why we’ve implemented a unique solution.

Our guarantees take the risk out of real estate. They’re designed to help you avoid common pitfalls and hazards—so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your buying or selling journey.

Your Home Sold Guarantee

What happens if your property doesn’t sell? It’s an all-too-common concern. Even in hot real estate markets, homes don’t always sell the first time around—which can lead to headaches, anxiety, and extra expenses.

That’s why we’ve created our Home Sold Guarantee. Put simply, we promise to sell your home. If for any reason that doesn’t happen, Lino will buy it from you! Sound too good to be true? We promise you, it’s not.

Our Home Sold Guarantee allows you to avoid the Catch 22—an industry term for getting stuck with two homes (and the accompanying costs) at once. 

100% of Asking Price Guarantee

It’s easy for agents to claim that they’ll get you a great price for your home. Unfortunately, reality often falls short of their promises.

We don’t think you should have to deal with the financial and psychological stress of getting less money than you expect. That’s why we guarantee you’ll get 100% of your asking price, or we’ll pay you the difference!


Easy Exit Guarantee

Worried you’ll get stuck with an agent you’re not happy with? It happens. While listing agreements can benefit sellers, getting locked into one that doesn’t serve you well is a very real risk. The result is often wasted time and money.

Fortunately, that won’t happen when we work together. If for any reason you want to cancel your listing agreement with us, you can do so up until you receive an offer. You won’t face any penalties—we guarantee it!

Buy Back Guarantee

For most buyers, a home is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) investment they’ll ever make. The last thing you want is to purchase a piece of property, only to find that you’re less-than-thrilled with it afterwards.

That’s why we offer our Buy Back Guarantee (also known as our Love It or Leave It Guarantee). If you’re not over the moon about a home you’ve bought with us, we’ll buy it back with a cash offer (so long as your purchase happened within the last year). Alternatively, we can help you sell it, free of charge.

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