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When you list your home for sale, beware of choosing the wrong REALTOR to sell your home. This can cost you time and money.  You want to hire a Real Estate agent who will promote and market your home to get as many buyers as possible.  More buyers equals more demand, netting you more money.  As well as marketing ability you want to hire a Real Estate agent who knows the marketplace and has specialized knowledge to advice you on the right moves to make when selling your home.

Watch this video on what to look for when hiring a Real Estate Agent to sell your biggest financial investment. 

The Lino Arci Team has unique consumer programs, risk free guarantees and innovative marketing techniques that create demand for your home. Watch this video and find

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Pricing your home correctly is critical to sell your home quickly for more money. Pricing too high or too low can have negative effects on a buyer's interest and ultimately your bottom line.  There are more than just one or two factors that determine the correct asking price.

Watch this video on how to price your home correctly to sell fast and for top dollar in any market condition.

The Lino Arci Team knows the marketplace intimately and has successfully priced many homes that have sold quickly and for more money than similar homes have sold for in the area.  They can provide you with a computerized printout of what homes similar to yours have sold and are selling for.  Together, you can establish the correct asking price. 

Watch the video and

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Appearances do matter, so make them count.  Look critically at your home, inside and out and decide what can be improved.  There are many easy and inexpensive improvements you can make that will help sell your home for the most amount of money and in the least amount of time.

Watch this video that will guide you on what do to and more importantly, what not to do, when preparing your home to sell.

The Lino Arci Team can provide you with third-party objective opinion at no cost or obligation.  It takes an objective eye and experience to know exactly what buyers are looking for.  The Lino Arci Team are ready and able to discuss with you what can be done to make your home more marketable and sell fast and for top dollar.

Watch the video and start

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When you put your home up for sale, to get the highest price possible, in the shortest period of time, it's important to understand why you are selling your home.  If you need to sell your home quickly vs. a longer period of marketing, then the approach needed to sell your home will be different.

Some questions you need to ask are:

- Why do you want or need to sell your home?

- Do you need a quick sale or can you afford a longer period of marketing?

- Are you willing to do any small home improvements?

- What criteria are you using to interview Real Estate Agents?

Watch this video on the questions you need to ask and the answers to them. The Lino Arci Team have a proven track record to sell homes fast and for top dollar.  They are

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Beat Out Other Buyers to the Best Homes on the Market

Are you missing out on the best home deals?

You see, the “old school” way that many real estate agents work with buyers is that the agent picks 3 or 4 homes and then wastes your time by driving you to the homes, only for you to find out that the property is too big, too small or in the wrong location, etc. And because most agents don’t sell many homes or have access to proprietary home search systems, they can only show you a sliver of what’s available in our marketplace and try very hard to sell you one of them.

This is all wrong and worse - you may be missing out on a great deal!

Watch a specially prepared short video that outlines our Exclusive VIP Buyer System that is radically

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Selling your home yourself without the professional guidance of a Real Estate Agent can be both rewarding and frustrating.  Approximately 1 in 5 home sellers try to sell their home on their own and about 4% of them are successful.

Watch this video and find out why so many fail because they have little or no insight into the real estate industry and base their decisions on wrong information. Poor decisions can cause your home to remain on the market for far longer than you expect. Undoubtedly this will cause stress and frustration.  Before you put the For Sale sign out, you will need to spend considerable time researching the marketplace and carefully plan your selling strategy.

The Lino Arci Team have undergone extensive training in marketing and

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The Lino Arci Team makes the home buying process a smoother and better experience for you when looking for a new home. Our VIP Buyer Benefits program has been tailored to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the many buyers we have worked with over the years to find, finance and buy a new home for the best price, in less time and with less hassle.

We have engineered the VIP Buyer System to include the very best in technology and people to facilitate an easier and more profitable experience for you to find and buy the perfect home.

  • Professionalism and results – Guaranteed (ask us about our Buy-back Guarantee)
  • A proven team approach where all the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s crossed
  • Exclusive and innovative consumer programs that
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Homebuyers are as individual as the homes they plan on purchasing.  They will want to know that your home is as good beneath the surface as it may appear to be on the outside. So, just as important as preparing your home to sell, it's equally important to ensure your home is structurally sound  as well. 

Watch this video to learn what you can do before listing your home for sale.  You can make a reasonable pre-inspection yourself.  Find out what your potential buyer's home inspector will be looking for when visiting your home.

If not identified and dealt with, any one problem that goes unaddressed can cost you the sale of your home.

The Lino Arci Team wants to give you peace-of-mind when you have your home properly inspected.  The video will

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You most likely have two considerations in mind when searching for your dream home.   You want a home that fits your needs and wants AND you want to purchase this home for the best possible price.   Watch this video to view a exclusive video on how the Lino Arci team can help you find the home of your dreams, with little hassle for the best possible price.    We offer expert information, advice and guidance to arm you with insider knowledge so you can make the best possible decisions during your home search.    We are trained in the latest marketing systems, have designed specific and exclusive consumer programs designed to get you information on the latest homes to come on the market, sometimes before competing buyers know…
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Many home sellers mistakenly believe that all homes sell.  In truth, depending on the marketplace, MORE THAN HALF the homes listed for sale, do not sell.  In a slow market, the numbers can be much higher.

If your home has been on the market and has not sold, it is considered an EXPIRED LISTING. You are understandably frustrated and upset.  Before you put your home on the market again, you will want to find out why your home did not sell and what can be done about it.

Watch this video which explains the issues that need to be addressed before putting your home on the market again and what you can do about it.

The Lino Arci Team have a proven track record to sell homes that have not sold.  They are successfully selling homes like yours that have

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