The Top 5 Schools in Vaughan, Ontario

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Top 5 Schools In Vaughan 2021

Updated: January 2021

Most home buyers have a pretty long list of "must-haves" that they want to include in their search for a new home. Being near to great schools is one of these important factors. An up-to-date Top 5 list of Vaughan Schools is in order.

Vaughan has no shortage of great schools where your little ones can get a top-notch education. With a bit of consideration and some guidance from the right real estate agent, you can ensure that your next home is close to the one that’s ideal for your family.

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Public schools in Vaughan are administered by the York Region District School Board. Due to covid closures many are in a virtual learning environment. Schools are schedule to re-open on Feb 21/21. More updates on the YRDSB website listed above.

Here are the top five Vaughan schools that every parent should know about:

1) Michael Cranny Public School (Grades K-8)

Without a doubt, Michael Cranny Public School is one of the best schools in Vaughan, Ontario. This Maple elementary school receives an impressive score of 8.9 out of 10 from the Fraser Institute, an organization widely considered to provide the most comprehensive rankings in Canada. Not only that, but the vast majority of students tested by Ontario’s EQAO scored at or above the provincial standard for reading, writing, and math.

The school is located a short distance off Major MacKenzie Drive in Maple, and is next door to Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary School. There are a number of parks within walking distance, like Crieff Parkette, Melville Park, Lions Park, and MacKenzie Glen District Park. The school is even within walking distance of Canada's Wonderland to the southwest.

Michael Cranny serves students from K to grade eight. It also offers a program for gifted students from grades four to eight.  

Put simply: if a very strong academic program is what you’re looking for, you can’t do better than Michael Cranny Public School.

2) Herbert H. Carnegie Public School (Grades K-8)

Of course, there’s more than one top-notch school in Maple.

Another great option for parents who are thinking of moving to the area is Herbert H. Carnegie Public School. This small educational institution has earned a ranking of 8.3 from the Fraser Institute. Its staff is focused on providing not only a great curriculum but a warm and supportive environment for students.

The school follows a "Future ACES" creed:

  • A - Attitude, Ability, Action, Achieve
  • C - Co-operate, Courage, Confidence
  • E - Empathy, Example, Education
  • S - Service, Sportsmanship

Engaged caregivers will be happy to know that the school also strongly encourages parental involvement.

Herbert H. Carnegie is located a short distance northeast of central Vaughan. Directly adjacent to the school is Twelve Oaks Park which includes tennis courts, a skatepark, and a playscape. 

3) Glenn Gould Public School (Grades K-8)

Are you considering a move to Woodbridge? If you’re checking out places to educate your children in the neighbourhood, then put Glenn Gould Public School near the top of your list. First off, it has received great EQAO scores—especially in writing.

Glenn Gould Public School also provides a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum, which is centred around not only the fundamentals, but daily physical education and technology-based instruction as well. And educators at Glenn Gould also support eco-friendly, student leadership, and mental health initiatives.

Glenn Gould Public School is located in the Vellore Park area of Vaughan. It is adjacent to Hillside Park and sits within a very friendly and walkable neighbourhood. Just a short distance north, across Teston road, is the scenic, semi-rural countryside that occupies the limits of the Greater Toronto Area. 

If it’s a well-rounded educational experience you’re searching for, consider this Woodbridge school.

4) Pierre Berton Public School (Grades K-8)

Pierre Berton Public School is another fantastic option for students in Vaughan. It’s hard to go wrong with a learning institution that has a Fraser Institute ranking of 8.5. That said, this Woodbridge school distinguishes itself in a variety of other ways.

The staff’s approach to education at Pierre Berton is a prime example of the ethos of excellence they aim to instill in their students. By emphasizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the teachers at Pierre Berton provide a strong foundation for the future success of their students.

Pierre Berton School lists the following as its core values:

  • We recognize and celebrate excellence, and the heart-felt efforts and contributions of our community.
  • We strive for equity, inclusiveness, and diversity in all our programs, practices, facilities, and people.
  • We value dedication and commitment.
  • We value and will respond in an appropriate manner to the voices, ideas, and understanding of all our community members.
  • We believe it is the right and responsibility of everyone to ensure a safe nurturing community.
  • We embrace the spirit of innovation that acts to realize opportunities to transform our vision into reality.
  • We are all responsible for our words and actions.

The school also benefits from a fantastic location, within walking distance of the Kortright Centre for Conservation. And a short way up the road is Pierre Barton Park, with one of the best playscapes in the area. A little over a kilometer to the east is the Vellore Village Community Centre offering a range of programs and facilities, including an indoor pool complex.

5) St. Gregory the Great (Grades K - 12)

Clearly, Woodbridge is a hotspot for good schools, because just a short distance south of Pierre Berton is St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy.

Located in Weston Downs, this is an ideal place for families who want to provide their children with a Catholic education. St Gregory the Great has received a score of 8.7 from the Fraser Institute. Students receive a comprehensive education that’s rooted in Catholic values—and impressive by any standards.

One of the major draws of St. Gregory is its Italian Extended Day Program. Given the cognitive benefits of learning a second language, parents who are considering this Woodbridge school may want to look into the program.

So there you have it. Some of the best schools in the Vaughan area. Have a look below for the summary.

The Best Schools In Vaughan Ontario

  • Michael Cranny Public School
  • Herbert H. Carnegie Public School
  • Glenn Gould Public School
  • Pierre Berton Public School
  • St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy

Bonus Schools that are also rated highly in the Vaughan area:


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