3 Benefits of Purchasing a New Construction Home!

Aug 17, 2021 / Buying

Walking into a new home after looking at resale is like walking into a warm lodge from the cold. With a new-construction home, you can choose everything from appliances to paint colors, tailoring the home to suit your needs and preferences. Newly built properties can offer fewer hassles, higher efficiency, and increased customization and you won’t have to rip up the carpet! These homes are desirable because you can customize them as you see fit!

Here are 3 Benefits of Purchasing A New Construction Home!

#1 – You won’t encounter a bidding war because homes are sold at a set price.

Selling a new construction home can offer a great opportunity to find the perfect home for your buyers! You won’t have to encounter any more bidding wars of your home because newly constructed homes can be sold at a set price! But pricing your home too high can be a mistake, but don’t worry about pricing your home too low—you’ll likely receive multiple offers over the asking price. 

#2 – You can choose design elements and features that are exactly what you want. 

New construction allow homeowners to customize their homes with a variety of options prior to moving in if they purchase during the pre-construction phase. Personalization may include structural options such as the number of bedrooms and baths and/or selected options such as upgraded appliances, finish choices, and more. If you love the latest technology and want your home to include “smart” features, new construction may be a better option for you. Building a new home offers the ability to include sophisticated wiring that may be needed for advanced home technology, including security monitoring, lighting control systems, and sound.


#3 – You can take advantage of the latest developments in energy efficiency.

New-construction homes use the latest energy-efficient building materials, which means you could save money on energy costs over time. Energy-efficient homes offer benefits to both the homeowner and the environment. Energy-efficient features, such as an airtight building envelope, properly installed insulation, and Energy Star windows and doors, can help improve comfort in the home and significantly reduce your utility bills. With better construction materials that have yet to see the effects of time and weather, new constructions are much eco-friendlier. The environmentally-friendly new materials could help lower your utility bills for years to come. In addition to saving money, homes built using the best in green building practices minimize the impact on the environment.

Buying a home is one of the single largest investments you will ever make, and it’s essential to do it right. When purchasing a new construction home, you get the opportunity to shape your vision for your dream home. 

Homebuyers have a choice in today’s market of purchasing a new home, a resale, or a foreclosure. There are many considerations as you choose what type of home is the “right” home for you and your family. Choosing to purchase a newly constructed house has several distinct benefits when compared to the alternative of purchasing a resale.

Plus: A Lino Arci Team agent can guide you through the process.

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