Top Gated Communities In The Greater Toronto Area

Jun 17, 2020 / Luxury

Gated residential communities have so much to offer their residents. 

For some, it’s the prestige of an exclusive and well-planned community, especially when combined with large luxurious residences and stately manicured grounds. For others, it’s the lifestyle features and amenities, from golf courses to pools, to well-appointed community centres.

The final reason that many cite for choosing a gated community is the added security, along with the obvious “gated” part, there are other measures like gate guards, fences, and cameras. 

Here in Canada, gated communities are far less common than they are south of the border. This partly due to reduced concerns over security, taking away one of the primary attractions of these communities, but also due to restrictions on exactly how “gated” gated communities can be.

In the York Region of the Greater Toronto Area, for example, the local government’s policy restricts security measures that could obstruct the access of emergency response vehicles. Some communities get around this with various kinds of automated measures, but the stricter regulations still have an effect. And maybe there are other cultural factors that make gated communities less attractive to many Canadians, but their popularity is growing nonetheless.

In and around Toronto, lifestyle and retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular. Their unified aesthetic, thoughtful layout and ample amenities still make them a fantastic prospect for many would-be buyers.   

So, let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the best gated communities in the Toronto area.

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Beacon Hall in Aurora

Beacon Hall residences consist of 80 condo homes set amidst 265 acres of the Beacon Hall Golf Course. There are three distinct community designs in each section of the grounds, with the southernmost boasting beautiful wooded surroundings. All homes feature a mix of stone, stucco, and cedar construction.

Beacon Hall is roughly 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, and is accessible off both Vandorf Sideroad and Beacon Hall Drive.

View through the gate of a gated community

Residents of this community also enjoy access to the Beacon Hall Golf Club and its clubhouse, with a pool and dining deck.

The surrounding area is zoned as low-density residential, so the probability of encroachment by other developments is slim. Furthermore, there are many beautiful wooded areas to appreciate and explore.

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Rosedale Village in Brampton

Rosedale Village wears its “planned” character on its leave, consisting of radial streets emanating from a central “wheel hub” enclosing the main community centre. The community centre has a great range of amenities, including an exercise room, indoor pool, sauna, and banquet room. 

Condos in Rosedale Village include detached homes and townhomes, ranging from around 1,150 square feet up to 2,015 square feet in size. 

Rosedale Village also boasts a network of parks, a golf course, and extensive paths that make this a fantastically walkable neighbourhood. Heart Lake Conservation Park is across the road and just one of many area attractions around Rosedale Village.

Aerial panorama of communities in wooded area

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Adena Meadows in Aurora

Adena Meadows in Aurora, Ontario, is a very exclusive community located off Wellington Street and Adena Meadows Way, next door to the headquarters of Magna International, one of the largest companies in Canada.

But don’t worry, living in Adena Meadows doesn’t mean living next to a corporate office block, since the Magna International buildings look more like a French country estate. Apart from that, there is also Adena Springs, a sprawling equestrian complex of stables, tracks, pastures, and riding pens, as well as the Magna Golf Club, which is integrated with the Adena Meadows community. So that should all give you some idea of the calibre of this neighbourhood. 

There’s no need for any communal amenities in this community since almost every home boasts its own pool, tennis court, and well-manicured grounds. 

Swan Lake Village in Markham

Built around a lake of the same name (minus the “village part), Swan Lake Village is another carefully laid-out adult lifestyle development. Located next to Greensborough, this community is accessible off Bur Oak Avenue and 16th Avenue. 

Residences in Swan Lake Village are mostly townhomes, although there are some narrow detached homes as well. Overall, there are just under 650 units ranging between 1,000 and 2,700 square feet in size. 

The community’s design is integrated with trails and greenways, and there are also three clubhouses, each with its own pool and tennis courts.

The park-like atmosphere, cozy living spaces, and beautiful lake make this a desirable community to live in. 

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King Valley in King City

King Valley residences are located next to King Valley Golf Club and are just 10 minutes from central King City. 

King Valley residents enjoy the proximity to the golf course, without being in it. So no need to worry about golf balls flying in through the windows. The golf club’s clubhouse is very large, with a beautiful deck to enjoy the scenery, which includes wooded and rural surroundings. 

Despite the “country feel” of this community, the more urban Aurora community is only a short distance to the east. 

Honourable Mention:

Baby Point, Toronto

Baby Point is not strictly a “gated community” in the sense that we think of today. There is no guardhouse, no boom or electric gate, and no special keys or codes required for entry.

What it does have is a set of very old stone gateposts at its entrance off Jane Street. Apart from that, it also shares the common gated community characteristics of being somewhat enclosed, and a prestigious place to live.

To the west, the community is bordered by the scenic Humber River, which is traced by the Humber River Recreational Trail. The community itself is also surrounded by beautiful woods, and it even has its own centralized community amenities located at Baby Point Club Park. Amenities here include facilities for tennis and lawn bowling.

Homes in Baby Point are mid-to-large single-family homes. Mostly built in the 20s and 30s, they represent a range of classic styles, executed to the highest degree of craftsmanship. 

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National Estates

While not entirely enclosed or private, National Estates, just west of Weston Downs in Vaughan, has a reputation for privacy, exclusivity, and luxury. 

Homes in this community are quite grand, with large estates, pools, and tennis courts. They’re also arranged around the world-class National Golf Club of Canada, providing fairway views and a host of added amenities. The supply of available homes in this prestigious neighbourhood is limited, so if you’re in the market for something “above and beyond” in an “open” gated community, then National Estates should top your list.

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Toronto Condominiums 

Condos in the Greater Toronto Area also deserve an honourable mention. These residences have many of the same features as gated communities, like restricted access, security, and residents-only in-house amenities. 

So if you’re looking for exclusive access, convenience, and a range of lifestyle amenities, don’t sleep on the option to buy a condo in the Toronto area – they may be just what you’re looking for!

Find A Gated-Community In The Toronto Area

So there you have it. As you can see, even with the general rarity of this kind of community, the Greater Toronto Area still has something for everyone when it comes to gated communities.

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